Mocotó, Brazilian cow feet stew made with bacon, onions, tomatoes, garlic and yep, you guessed it, COWS FEET!! Cooked in class today! #Brazil #Brazillianfood #mocotó #stew #cows #cowsfeet #moo #mycooking #cooking #homemade
I made polenta in class today! It’s gluten free, it’s vegetarian, and it’s FLUFFY AS HELL. #glutenfree #polenta #parmesan #butterygoodness #butter #mycooking #deliciousness #awwyis

Awwwe yisssss go Germany~

You know, this actually wasn’t a bad image at all. I don’t know why I never finished it. I feel like such a boob. 
I’m looking through my old photobucket and sweet jesus there is just so much stuff I never finished. And for what? Laziness? Insecurity? I really need to get my shit together..

I’m not half bad. 

I drew a cat. I used a reference from someones photo here on tumblr. is the ref :U

Was for my friends OTHER kid. She wanted a kitten. when I saw flower crown kitten, I had to.

I drew a barn owl for a cute little kid named Penelope Moon (Penny Moon) because she went up to her mom and said MOM if we get a pet can we have an owl!? 

So I had to.

this is Rammy, my old school OC who deserves a revamp. She’s a lamby lady. She used to have short hair /o/

blahblah more practice. 

Minimalist Palthi Dragoon

Micron pen on paper